Autumn for skin Regain a toned skin you can!

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Without resorting to invasive procedures for skin protection and rejuvenation, Volumnia Stamina Treatment is essential for a well-looked and healthy look. It makes us more beautiful and safer

Plant stem cells contribute significantly to the renewal of epithelial cells, with their renewal and stimulating effect on collagenase. Autumn is the best time to help the skin, because it has no oxidative stress owened to solar exposure. The formula is more effective and protective for the first cold, with regular use from obvious improvements on small wrinkles, skin elasticity, eye bags and restoring water-fat balance, assisted by the presence of precious natural phyito-active  including the organic Amalfi Coast's zero miles olive vergin oil, ceramides3, collagen, hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil, shea butter , extract of amamelides and vitamins contained in the individual substances that make this formula a luxurious and indispensable global intensive treatment day and night, with velvety texiture and hypoallergenic perfume.

A concentration of caressing well-being, strategic against oxidative stress,

La Blue Fitocosmesi d’ Amalfi products are devoid of any petrolatum. An ethical choice in respect of health and what surrounds us and improves us. Member of the district Amalfi Coast Association, of Ecologist Association Mare Vivo, of  Green Peace Association and the National League for Animal Protection.


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