Nourishing. protecting, and placating become the words of the "winter" language of beauty.

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The Prof. Antonino Di Pietro, dermatologist and scientific director at the Istituto Vita Cutis in Milan, explains,

Nourishing. protecting, and placating become the words of the "winter" language of beauty. when the thermometer goes down the frost is an insidious enemy of skin balance. "Low temperatures cause narrowing of blood vessels: tissue gets less oxygen and nourishment and progressively depletes"

All clear to rubing, infusions, fireplaces, heat, friends and overall we defend our skin from the wind and low temperatures, winter frost is an enemy of our beauty as the summer sun, and our skin remembers of challenges and abuses. Better entrust ot the clever hands of Blue Amphibian Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, which is born on the ground of great contests and victories, with the extraordinary formula "4 Season Global Protection" an intelligent bouquet of natural phyto-active ingredients from the protective formula rich in vitamins, amino acids , minerals, organic extra virgin olive oil zero miles, and chamomile, protection factor 30-50. A triple effect emulsion: it helps prevent skin aging due to wind, cold or sun exposure, minimizes dark spots and epidermal discoloration, and provides effective and lasting porcelain hydration effect. Suitable for damaged, delicate and photosensitive skins, comfortable texture and dynamic sensation, to be applied frequently on the exposed parts. Hypoallergenic scent. Without any petrolatum. 150 ml bottle, unisex.

Protect your body ... it will return beauty and health


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