Petroleum and silicones are the biggest enemies of the skin? TRUE!

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Dr Romano Pucci Dermatologist Vicepres.Skineco Pubbl.8.1.2014 HuffPost

Petroleum and silicones are the biggest enemies of the skin?

TRUE. Unfortunately they are not alone. When you buy a product you'd better choose the one devoid of these substances or that it contains as little as possible. In the long run, the rich in these chemicals cosmetics - and they are many - not only do not give the expected results but cause adverse effects. To avoid:

- Petrolati: (petrolatum, paraffinum, Vaseline, mineral oil) because in addition to not being biodegradable have recently been inserted between the class II carcinogens. They are used to lubricate and make the product flowing;

- Silicones: unlike many vegetable oils, silicones are stable with heat, often necessary in the production of emulsions. Make the product easily spreadable as they prevent the formation of foam. Are non-biodegradable substances. They figure heavily in creams and tricks, and serve to give that beautiful feeling of silkiness and softness. Their effect is momentary, the skin or the hair treated with these substances are not in fact fed but simply covered by a kind of film that could lead to occlusion of the epidermis and, therefore, to desquamation. Warning: silicone as well as making a fantastic texture, smoothes the skin surface and makes it velvety. This effect, however, is illusory. In the long run, there will be a profound dehydration. There is presence of silicone in a product if nell'INCI appear substances that end with the suffix -one, or -siloxane -silanol;

- PEG (polyethylene glycols) petroleum derivatives from which may well produce a very dangerous molecule, the dioxane. They are used as emulsifiers;

- Preservatives (diazolydinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, DMDM ​​Hydantoin, Bronopol) may release formaldehyde (a carcinogen).

They are also to be avoided: some additives (Goddess, Mea, tea, Mipa), preservatives (EDTA), surfactants (nonoxynol, poloxamer, nonylphenol), antibacterial and disinfectant (triclosan, trimonium and dimonium). (Triclosan is found in milk breast ...).

The list, unfortunately, is much longer, but already difficult to remember all these names will be very useful.


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