Quench the skin

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I dreamed the beauty mostly open-minded. I dreamed of being so beautiful to turn the people who saw me pass.

(Marilyn Monroe)

Build your dreams starting to cure your person, your spirit, is the most effective way to shine  and rediscover your personal beauty. You will improve your appearance and your self-esteem will make you shine!

Cite the Prof. Antonino di Pietro, Founder and Scientific Director of the Vita-Cutis Dermoclinic Institute,  www.antoninodipietro.it , in a few simple steps, how to implement an healthy regime for your body:

"It is of crucial importance to quench the skin, acting on multiple faces. The first aid comes from the inside. You should drink at least two liters of water a day, and centrifuges of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nutrition also plays a key role: on the table, there must never be food from strong moisturizing action and rich in vitamins and minerals. Yes, for fruit and vegetables, but also  foods such as cereals and blue fish, containing Omega 3, the "good fats" that help cells regenerate.

The skin then needs corrected cleaning. You need to deter it twice a day: in the morning, just wake up, and in the evening before going to sleep, to eliminate the impurities accumulated during the day, which may irritate you further. To wash your face, you should avoid the normal soap because it is too aggressive, using delicate products, potentially rich of antioxidant, emollient, and vitamin A, C and E.

After washing your face, you must dry it carefully, avoiding stroking the skin and tamping it, gently with the towel. The last important consideration  consists of  the application of creams or serum, capable of recompact the superficial corneal cells, favoring deep hydration. "

Beauty is a talent, sometimes a dream ... if you follow us, we will help you understand it, and discover a wellness experience in the luxury of the world La Blue


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