We keep tanning in a few simple steps ..

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Caress ourself with warm water and never hot.

We also use a little cold water to fix and tonify

Avoid aggressive soaps, better if oil-based

We rub our skin to dry it ... not rubbing

Give us a slow and wonderful super hydration with "Repairing Treatment" created to repair from sun cold and wind damage that will reintegrate the skin of all the lost substances by giving the skin a new youth ... a look of health and a softness to caress.

We choose light and airy clothing .. we breathe the skin, our treatments do not contain synthetic and petrolatum .. the skin will breathe and breathe freely

We follow a diet rich in liquids to keep the skin elastic and we prefer orange fruits and vegetables to preserve our beautiful amber color and have a load of valuable A and C allies for the skin

In the presence of air conditioning ... we drink more and hydrate the skin more

When we begin to decolor. a scrub with evo oil and salt up will help us to find a uniform color for our body.

Good September at all

La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


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