La Blue a very special thank you to Dr. Salvatore Criscuolo, manager of the Hotel la 
Conca Azzurra ,Conca dei Marini, (SA) for his helpfulness and delightful hospitality at his charming hotel.
Furthermore I would like to send my thanks to his attentive staff during the photo- promo sessions.
My heartfelt thanks also goes to Prof.ssa Antonia Sacchi Associate Professor Pharmacy Department “Federico II” University of Naples for her expert partner-ship with La Blue Fitocosmesi d'Amalfi.
My gratitude also goes to :
Dott..ssa in Pharmacy Serena De Simone for her valuable advice on technical and scientific aspects.
Dott. Carmine Ostacolo for his university competence and collaboration..
Doctors in chemistry Riccardo Collini and Nicola Lorenzetto for their scientific contribution regarding biological extra virgin olive oil,at 0 km..Amalfi Coast
Prof.ssa Sandra Hill for her collaboration.
The models for a day, who were both helpful and affectionate

Sig.ra Romana Cappa Misuraca, freelance
Dott.ssa Paola Galiano, official.
Prof.ssa Serena De Marco, Teacher Titti Caramiello, Student.
Sig. Salvatore Marciano, Responsible for sales Italy.
Odd Creative for the photo shoot staff, Dr.s Chiara Guadagnino, Nunzio Monuori and Alfonso Scognamglio who were all true professionals.
Dott. Enrico Angelo Colombini for his never-ending support and friendship, necessary components for the success of this project.
Prof.ssa Barbara Baldi, teacher for her enormous contribution and support for the project: “La Blue Fitocosmesi d'Amalfi”
The lawyers Antonio Salierno, Onofrio Maria Ruggiero, Anna Coppola e Francesco Piccirillo for their invaluable legal help in this project.