History and Ethics.

Everything started in the heart of the World Heritage Site, The Amalfi Coast. It has been a destination of the Grand Tour, a source of inspiration for composers, writers and architects from all over the world. The bright yellow rays of the sun illuminates the cliff faces before descending into the crested waves of the deep blue sea. It is in this romantic and evocative world that La Blue
Fitocosmesi of the Amalfi Coast was born, listening to the sounds of this wild and pure place, full of sensuality and seduction, where impetuous beauty blends with traditional knowledge and modern science. We are committed to capturing resources from the sea, from fresh local herbs and fresh fruits of the land. These elements are the product of the sun, wind and air; beauty and well-being are at their very essence, their energy continues to grow and develop in this magnificent backdrop.
Together with a team of highly specialized experts in the field of fitocosmetics, we strive to create intelligent and refined formulae, which respect our high ethical production standards. Our commitment extends to our insistence on specific criteria of efficiency and control. This is achieved by “cruelty free” dermatological testing by the prestigious Frederico II University of Naples, according to the rigorous protocols set by the new Directives of the European Parliament following the ethical principles of the Helsinki Declaration on cosmetics and consumer safety.

La Blue’s formulae are exclusive and promise timeless beauty. We want you to become part of this unique, sensory experience. We want to share this precious product of attention to detail, dedicated people and this wild, untamed land of the Amalfi Coast.
Here, where all things in memory are projected into the future. The Amalfi Coast is the perfect frame for our endeavor.


Keep skin tissue youthful
Prevent skin ageing
Oxygenate the skin, giving vitality and freshness
Provide gentle nutrition to protect the skin.
Respect nature in its entirety and understand its secrets in cosmetic use
Continuous research for exclusive and efficient formulae
Use active ingredients which respect the body and the environment.
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, creators of luxury products zero miles.

Fitocosmetics and Eubiotic sentiment

Fitocosmetics is an extra-ordinary product, a result of cosmetic science servicing nature.
It involves the amplification of natural properties and functions of individual vegetable substances by synergic interaction to conquer new aesthetic and scientific frontiers. This breaks new ground in the creation of beauty which defies the passage of time and retains a sense of well- being.
The choice of La Blue is due to the desire to take care of our bodies through a healthy and eubiotic business regime of which were are very proud of taking part. This choice is for you and for our planet; both of which are very important to us.
L'assenza di parabeni, siliconi, polimeri sintetici Sls Sles tensioattivi, profumi, paraffina, PEG petrolati, coloranti sintetici, oli minerali,e profumazioni allergeniche
The absence of parabens, syllicon, synthetic polymers (Sls Sles), perfumes, paraffin, PEG, synthetic colorants, mineral oils, grain alcohol, vaseline, surfactants, and allergenic perfumes (Allergens of natural origine in Hidra Extrème Homme and Lait Lumière) ensures the highest quality of our formulae. We are also attentive of expiry/use by dates, additional costs of our base materials and scientific studies on fito – complexes.
We refuse the illusion of beauty, based on the use of inert materials. We actively promote beauty, based on healthy and effective materials, using cosmetic science to counter-act the real enemies of beauty and youth with exclusive fito-cosmetic treatments. These involve high synergic biological multi-vitamins, fito- complexes, phenolic compounds, well stocked of flavonoids, polyphenols, phytosterols These co-adivants help to combat oxidization, skin discoloration, hydro and lipid loss in the skin. They promote the renewal of integumentary cells, the fortify and protect collagen and cell elasticity. They release a gratifying and effective restorative action which illuminates and regulates the skin.
Experience the luxury well-being of the world of La Blue.
Eubiotic lifestyle.
This is our well- considered objective. The precious essence of our lives, to be lived like an explosion of beauty, of love, of health and well-being to enable us to gain fulfilment and in doing so fully respect the world around us and those who will benefit a better world in the future.
La Blue: environment and nature.
We are members of the following organizations:

Greenpeace member, a financially independent group which fights against environmental abuse. We are pround of its work which favors sustainable lives for us and future generations.

Lega Nazionale per la difesa del cane, Sezione di Salerno member we participate in all petitions in favor of animal welfare against vivisection, testing cosmetics raw material on animals and animals used to produce accessories, outrangeous. Our dermatological testing products are cruelty free, in accordance with current legislation.

Mare Vivo member, an organization which fights against marine pollution and works for the protection of endangered species and marine reserves , which contain unmeasurable riches. We believe that this must be defended for future generations.

Further to this end, La Blue Foto-cosmesi d’Amalfi has chosen packaging which conforms to European Directive CE 94/62 against concentrates of cadmium, chrome, mercury and lead. We certify the absence of pollutant acids and the use of materials which have undergone processes within eco-friendly parameters according to ruling ISO 9706.

A territorial marketing project set up by La Blue Fitocosmesi d'Amalfi has worked on the presentation of the products, elegant and entirely hand-made packaging produced by a company in the Region of Campania, unique pieces between them, a small master pieces handmade.

This bi-lateral collaboration is the result of various meetings, organized by the Region of Campania in work-shops with the aim of promoting local quality artisan products which are environmentally friendly.
No palm oil, Although this an excellent ingredient, we choose not to use palm oil as a protest against the exploitation of the forest and people during its production.
No silk worms, we refuse to use this protein, as millions of silk worms die every year in the production process.
No snail secretions We abhor the indiscriminate use of this gentle creature.
Beauty and Ethics : A philosophy of seduction.

La promessa La Blue è fare sempre di più..