Comfort blue - 50ML


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Comfort blue 50ML

Repairing effect Cream

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Comfort blue 50ML

Repairing effect Cream

Extraordinary soothing and hydrating emulsion for stressed and sensitive skins, anti-edema and connecting agent, insulating. An exclusive natural Fito-active complex such us Vitamins, Amino-acids, Phytosterols, Zero miles Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flavonoids, Beta-carotenes and Minerals, carefully formulated against skin aging. Skin appears immediately hydrated,compact and restored. Ipoallergenic fragrance.

Active-ingredients / Components: Hydrolized wheat protein - Chamomile extract – Avocado oil – Borage oil – Aloe extract – Sweet almond oil – Azulen extract - Jaluronic acid – Collagen - Zero miles organic extra virgin olive oil - Phanthenol – Allantoin – Vitamine E - Vitamine C.

Indications: For stressed skins. Apply night and morning with washed hands, after a good face and neck cleaning with a gentle, revitalise, stimulate tissues massage in a upwards direction.

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Comfort blue - 50ML

Comfort blue - 50ML

Comfort blue 50ML

Repairing effect Cream

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